Monday, April 10, 2017

Should sunhats should be compulsory

Should sunhats should be compulsory

I Recommend We should wear sun hats at school because do you want the number of  melanoma to go down there is about four thousand  people are diagnosed and 300 hundred people die each year.Do you really want melanoma?I Know sun hats can be  ugly but it's good for you because you can cause  melanoma  to yourself.Do you really want melanoma?
It's bad having melanoma even sometimes people make you cry because they mock you.

Firstly we should get a hat or an sun hat so if you like to play outside you're always protected and you know you will be safe.

Secondly it's bad not wearing a hat because it causes melanoma (skin cancer) it's good to care about yourself especially when you don't have a hat so go buy a hat right now.

Lastly why doesn't anyone love sun hats their good to protect your heads and the bucket hats look cool.

This is my writting do we need to where hats at school