Friday, November 10, 2017

Term 4 Easstle Writing

“Have you ever wondered why people choose music over sports or sport over music?”
“I highly disagree that music is more important than sports”.Firstly Sports in a good way to keep you're body working and you're bones healthy it's a way to become fit and strong.Secondly you get to go places in you're life and meet new people.Lastly sports is just something fun to do and a way to get out the house.

Firstly Sports in a good way to keep you're body working and you're bones healthy it's a way to become fit and strong.sports is a way to feel the energy pumping thru you're body and you start to develop BIG muscles and strong might start to lose some weight but that’s good that mean you don't have to worry about going to then gym because you know you're already fit to go.You also get to travel and go places.

Secondly you get to go places in you're life and meet new people.Even though sports might be hard you still get to do cool stuff like travel around the world, meet famous sports players.You will never know what sports brings you.You go on trips those trips take you to other countries then you might go to another country and play for them you never know what it brings you but you just go with it.

Lastly sports is just something fun to do and a way to get out the house.Even though you might not like it,Even though you might be scared sports is fun and it will get funner every day you play it.Sports is a fun way to express you're feelings.You can get great acheivments in sports .You might just play to get out on the house but that's alright because sports ain't always about winning it about have fun.

“That's my reason why “

Sports is more important then sports.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How to make Scones

We are learning about Kiwiana We are learning how to make scones.

Friday, October 20, 2017

New Tauparapara

We had to find a new tauparapara so I did a very old one the we used to do.

Term 4 week 1 plenary

This is my last term at Kawakawa primary.This is my weekly plenary sit was pretty hard.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Whanau Aroha

This my invitation to my Nan and Papa.
Because at school we are having a family day and be have to bring our Nan and Papa to school.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Life cycle of a hippo

Hippo week 2

Life Cycle Of  A Hippopotamus

Have you ever wondered about the lifecycle of an hippopotamus?

Firstly a  baby hippo is born in the water and starts to swim straight away. Its really interesting that hippos learn how to swim when they are born. Some baby hippos weigh about 55-120 pounds at birth.Young hippos can stay underwater for about 30 seconds. At about 3 weeks old, the hippo stops nursing from its mother and begins to eat grass. Baby hippos often will climb up on their mothers back to take a nap when they are tired. Image result for life cycle of a hippo


Secondly when the baby hippo gets a little bigger it will still stay by its mother.They would play and eat on there own but still stay close to their mother .Hippos don't leave their mother until full grown adult when they are about 7-8 years old.

Thirdly when hippos are 8 years old they lead off to find a mate and once the (male or female) have found their partner, once they have done that the (male) hippopotamus travels to look for a herd without a leader and become the new leader.


In this explanation we have explained the different phases of a hippos life. We talked about a hippos life and everything from when it was a baby to an adult.

Tremaine, Renata and  Zhyon

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017


I had to learn about ANZAC and about ww2/world war 2 We learn about what weapons they used and why they used them.And we learned how to bake Anzac cookies and why they make them.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

This is my hippo project

This week I am learning to write a perfect explanation writing and write facts into my own words

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My hinaki

This is when we made hinaki and takakau because we learned about how to make hinaki and takakau
and we learned about eels/tuna

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hinaki report

Hinaki (Eel pots)Hīnaki waharua

Opening statement.
A Hinaki/eel pot is something you catch an eel with you would put it in a freshwater current or a stream to try and catch them .The hinaki has  to have bait in it or you won't catch any eel.

How to make hinaki.
Hinaki is handmade you weave it with flax it is handmade from our ancestors and then brought down to us.The best Hinaki was a work of art.A normal Hinaki was called Hinaki tukutuku and it only had one entrance ,when they without a weir the entrance faced downstream.The eels would smell the bait, and swim upstream to find it. Supplejack was also used, but it was a poor substitute. So we started to use flax.

Bait you need to catch eels with.
Hinaki were used with bait – often worms, or even birds. Bait was put in a small pot called a pu toke, which looked like a miniature hinaki, or a small flax bag called a torehe. At other times it was tied inside the hinaki. The Ngati Porou people would thread earthworms on a string and tie them to a piece of flax flower stalk, which floated inside the trap.
Hīnaki at eel weirs were used without bait.

Types on Hinaki.
A large type of hinaki, called hinaki tarino, was used in the Waikato River and its tributaries.
The hinaki waharua had an entrance at each end – waharua means ‘two mouths’.They were set in deep rivers or in lagoons. Temporary waharua were sometimes made of flax leaves and used in the Manawatu River.
Neither of these were used with eel weirs.
Image result for hinaki made of flax
Closing statement

Hinaki are meant to catch eels because it is a eel trap but really some people just put it on the wall to make it art and other people use it for hang up for a light shade.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tuna report

Tuna Report

Opening statement
The scientific name for Tuna/Eel is Anguilliformes. In maori the eel is known as the Tuna.There are fewer eels these days because of the loss of wetlands and historical commercial fishing practice.Their are two types of Tuna the long finn  and the short fin.

Image result for eelsAppearance
When eels  are small they have smooth heads but when they grow up they start to get a bulbous head (Which means fat and round head).Eels are like fish they have scales and fins.But the long fins  top fin is longer than its bottom that's why it is named the longfin.Just because eels don't look like they have scales doesn't mean they don't have them tiny little scales are on the eels skin so you can't really see them but there.Some eels may look like snakes but there are 800 species of eels.

Image result for baby eggs eelBreeding
Longfin eel only breed  at the end of their life.But when they want to breed they got to the subtropical ocean to spawn they probably go deep in the ocean holes.When they get to where they   need to go the females lay millions of fertilized eggs.The eggs or known as larvae looks like nothing they are transparent they are flat and they are leaf shaped and you can't see the properly.Some people say the freshwater eels travel 4,000 miles to breed.

Image result for small fish
Eels are carnivores they are meat eaters they eat worms,snails,frogs,shrimps,mussels and other small fish.They mostly hunt for food at night.Now days eels have a technique to catch their pray they slither through 2 rocks to catch their prey.But when they  grow up eels start to eat prey that are bigger or as big as them.

Image result for eels in the riverHabitat
You will normally find eels in freshwater streams,rivers,lakes or if they are breeding you will find them in the sea water or on their way to the ocean.They normally hide in little burrows in the water or try and find little shelters or in the side on the river banks and in the mud.

Closing statement
Longfin eels can live up to 25 to 80 years old until they breed then die but the shortfin eels live up to 15 to 18 years and people should not eat longfin eels because they are toxic inside of them.There are a big loss of longfin eels because it is from the big loss of wetlands.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Should sunhats should be compulsory

Should sunhats should be compulsory

I Recommend We should wear sun hats at school because do you want the number of  melanoma to go down there is about four thousand  people are diagnosed and 300 hundred people die each year.Do you really want melanoma?I Know sun hats can be  ugly but it's good for you because you can cause  melanoma  to yourself.Do you really want melanoma?
It's bad having melanoma even sometimes people make you cry because they mock you.

Firstly we should get a hat or an sun hat so if you like to play outside you're always protected and you know you will be safe.

Secondly it's bad not wearing a hat because it causes melanoma (skin cancer) it's good to care about yourself especially when you don't have a hat so go buy a hat right now.

Lastly why doesn't anyone love sun hats their good to protect your heads and the bucket hats look cool.

This is my writting do we need to where hats at school

Friday, March 17, 2017

My reading

this my reading we were learning to write facts in our own words

Friday, March 10, 2017

This is my Rupekapeka poster


Do we need rubbish bins at school Yes or No?

Do we need rubbish bins at school


I strongly believe we should have rubbish bins in our school first so we don't put it in our bags
Second so we have no rubbish flying around
Lastly because the environment is the best.

Firstly we need rubbish bins so we have some where else to put our rubbish and so we don't mess our bags up because sometimes our bags get yogurt or chips in side and we get a growly from our parents

Secondly we need rubbish bins so our teachers watch us put them in the rubbish bins and we don't get a growly  and so the place is nice and  tidy and no rubbish is flying around the place.

Lastly we should have rubbish bins so we never have to be a rubbish free school because being a rubbish free school means making us students put the rubbish in our bags and making them messing
and you will see the rubbish flying around the school

We should really get the rubbish bins back so we put the rubbish in the rubbish bins