Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Life cycle of a hippo

Hippo week 2

Life Cycle Of  A Hippopotamus

Have you ever wondered about the lifecycle of an hippopotamus?

Firstly a  baby hippo is born in the water and starts to swim straight away. Its really interesting that hippos learn how to swim when they are born. Some baby hippos weigh about 55-120 pounds at birth.Young hippos can stay underwater for about 30 seconds. At about 3 weeks old, the hippo stops nursing from its mother and begins to eat grass. Baby hippos often will climb up on their mothers back to take a nap when they are tired. Image result for life cycle of a hippo


Secondly when the baby hippo gets a little bigger it will still stay by its mother.They would play and eat on there own but still stay close to their mother .Hippos don't leave their mother until full grown adult when they are about 7-8 years old.

Thirdly when hippos are 8 years old they lead off to find a mate and once the (male or female) have found their partner, once they have done that the (male) hippopotamus travels to look for a herd without a leader and become the new leader.


In this explanation we have explained the different phases of a hippos life. We talked about a hippos life and everything from when it was a baby to an adult.

Tremaine, Renata and  Zhyon

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